Life You Love LaboratoryTM Seminars

BIGGBY COFFEE exists to support you in building a life you love!

We believe that if you want to build a life you love, you need to first have four foundational areas of life solidly in place: you need to be able to exceed your basic needs, to have a sense of personal vitality, to have a sense of belonging in life, and to know who you want to be in life.    These 2-hour Seminars are designed to introduce participants into an exploration of these four areas in a way that sets them up to either continue their exploration on their own or to go on to our in-depth 6week Life You Love Laboratory Workshops.   

Discovering Your Personal Vitality Seminar 

How a person feels about their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vitality is more important than any objective measure of it. No matter where you’re starting from, this seminar will help you begin to learn about ways to invest in yourself in these important areas.

Participants will meet via Zoom and participate in activities to help them explore what wellness means to them, often discovering aspects they hadn’t considered before. Participants will then assess their own personal vitality and based on their results, make a plan to move forward, which might include the deeper dive of enrolling in the 6-week  Discovering Your Personal Vitality Workshop.   


Knowing Who You Want to Be Seminar  Do you know what you want to do with your life?  How do you want to be as a person?  Do you know what your life is building toward?  This seminar will help you begin to answer those questions for yourself and get you started building a life of your dreams!    Participants will meet via Zoom and explore their relationship to goal setting and then work through activities to get them started on developing a vision for their life.  Our aim is to leave participants with an understanding of how visioning works and the desire to continue the work on their own or to enroll in the 6-week Knowing Who You Want to Be Workshop.   


The Ability to Exceed Your Basic Needs Seminar 

Are you setting aside 10% of your income to invest in your future? No matter how you answered that question, the Basic Needs Seminar is for you. During this 2-hour seminar, you’ll access the tools you need to look beyond the boring budget, explore your relationship with money, craft an inspiring vision for your financial future, and begin building a life you love!

Participants will meet via Zoom and dive into basic budgeting ideas, debt-reduction tools, and financial planning worksheets – all to help you get intentional about your financial past, present, and future! Our aim is to leave participants with an understanding of their relationship to money and the desire to continue the work, either on their own or by enrolling in the 6-week Basic Needs Workshop.


Sense of Belonging Seminar 

Do you have a place where you feel like you can be unabashedly yourself? Whether this is with your family, friends, at work, etc., this workshop can help you on your journey to feeling fully accepted for who you are by the communities you engage with.

Participants will meet via Zoom and they will take a look at how you fit into the groups you are a part of, explore your own personal self-image, discuss the power of vulnerability, and what it personally looks like to feel valued.